Friday, October 8, 2010

TIme tells all!!!

Lymphoma! Hodgkin’s! the gentle worried woman said
And followed with, “But you are far from dead.”
She waited calmly to feel my first reply
It was not news to me, not really, I know not why.

Encouraged by my tranquil unaltered state
She went on to describe my newfound fate
Chemo, radiation, who knows what for sure
She has a friend who’s studied, knows the cure

Relax and wait until this new sage can examine
There is much time for this woe is not like famine
It sits inside my right armpit that finds me
A royal cushion ready to move throughout its sea.

The news has passed to all who counsel this happy soul
And I, the keeper, shuttered eyes like some forest troll
Will wait to hear the sure fire paths
Of all the pundits who can kill this wrath.

Soon, quite soon I’ll choose the allies in this game
Will I choose right or wrong? Will I ever be the same.
Time is time and moves at its own pace.
There is always an end in the human race.

Karma plays its hand and always will
Tomorrow is day one of our fine film
Hello October is all ready, the first shot due.
My work some done, will now begin anew.

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